The Bible in One Year: Day 2

I’ve made it to day 2! That’s something to be thankful for.

Psalm 2 continues the idea of what happens to those who oppose God and his rule and those who seek him. Seeking God always leads to blessings.

The Matthew passage really struct me. It just emphasised Jesus’ lowly beginnings. When the Magi asked about where the baby king was, no one knew. We can judge by Herod’s order to execute all babies under two, that Jesus had already been a baby for a substantial time. Yet Herod, the religious leaders and teachers had not yet realised he was there. Jesus was completely anonymous and unknown. He was born in a shed full of animals. He was the adopted child of his father; reliant on a man who was not his biological father. He was then to become a refugee and become stateless. He was born a nobody. But a nobody that angels worshiped and the Magi traveled miles and months to see.

(A side note: Mary and Joseph stayed in Bethlehem after Jesus’ birth – maybe to be with Joseph’s family. Also, what happened to the shepherds in the intervening time?)

There’s a stark contrast between Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, and Herod. Both Mary and Joseph were pretty insignificant from a worldly point of view: both were obedient, humble, righteous and in many ways extremely courageous. Herod was powerful and influential; he’s the one that has multiple archeological ruins dotted around Israel and Palestine associated with him. Yet he was fearful and petty and cruel. He actively sought to oppose the prophecies in the Old Testament. He thought he could beat those odds.

Genesis 2 tells us that we often believe lies about God before we act against God. Sin comes as a result of a misunderstanding of God’s character. What misunderstandings do I have? What lies do I believe about God?