Things I’d never thought I’d say: missionary addition

There are a few times when you hear the words coming out of your mouth and you realise how strange they sound. I’m sure there are many more, but I’ll keep adding to this theme as they happen.

“Could you ask the landlord to remove the spirit shrine?”

Cambodian houses have quite a few spirit shrines. I had to ask Vitou to contact our new landlord to see if we could throw away the shrine. It belonged to the previous occupants, so we could.

“Please don’t eat the fish from the water next to your brother-in-law’s house. I am worried you will get sick.”

Vitou’s brother-in-law got typhoid fever. They lived next to a pool of water. Guess where their waste went? Guess where they sometimes went fishing?

“That neighbour, he always gets up really early. But I’ve never seen him with all his clothes on.”

It’s common for men in Cambodia to just wear towels or kroma around their wastes around the home. Sometimes, older men will even go around like that.

“The neighbour’s dog chased a monk away from our house this morning.”

We have a really cute dog that comes visit us. She’s always wagging her tail. In the mornings, monks come to visit to collect alms. The dog doesn’t like that.

See how cute she is.

“I might miss the [online theology] lecture. Everyone in the country is singing karaoke right now so the internet is really slow.”

Khmer people love karaoke. My first week of lectures for my MA was during a three-day national holiday. The internet is tediously slow that week.