December Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog or social media about updates. I thought I would do a brief one for now.

So what are you up to right now?

Not much! I’m finally getting a bit of a break after a hectic 2020. I finished my WEC course back in November, which was great. Then last week, I finished the first semester of my MA in Missiology. That meant submitting a 2,500 word essay on East Asia theology. So, that was pretty intense. I got my first essay back and I got a distinction, which was a relief. It means that I’m not clueless clutching at straws, which is what it feels like sometimes.

I also completed a safeguarding course in December.

I’ve also booked everything for my return to Cambodia. It may get a bit messy due to lockdown rules, but we will see. I will be getting a COVID-19 test in London on 28th December. I will (if I can) then be staying over in London to pick up the test ready to fly on 30th December. This means that by 31st December I should be in Cambodia.

What will you be doing in Cambodia?

Not much! For the first 14 days, anyway. I have to quarantine. I might be able to enrol in some online Khmer classes for then, though. So it looks like my daily life, for at least the first ten to twelve weeks of freedom will be like this:

  • Morning: Khmer lessons with Gateway to Khmer (G2K).
  • Afternoon: Khmer lessons with Language Exchange Cambodia (LEC) / lesson prep / MA lectures.
  • Evening: Teaching English with LEC.

After those 10-12 weeks, I will have hopefully finished year one of my MA and all the G2K courses available. After that, then I will probably make a new schedule of what my life will look like. It’s all a bit scary and looks a bit intense, but we shall see.

Oh, I’ll also be moving house! More on that later.

How are you feeling?

I think I’m most nervous about the getting to Cambodia part. With all the lockdowns and constantly changing plans it’s got the potential to be a headache.