Titus 1

The first few verses of Titus are packed full of Biblical truths and also facts about Paul himself. We find this out about Paul:

  • He’s a servant and apostle;
  • He’s furthering the faith of God’s elect;
  • He’s furthering their knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness;
  • He has a hope and promise of eternal life;
  • Preaching has been entrusted to him;
  • He is following the command of God

We learn these theological facts too:

  • God elects people;
  • God does not lie;
  • God promised eternal life from before the beginning of time;
  • God brought this to light;
  • God gives commands;
  • God is our saviour.

And all that is in just three verses.

Paul left Titus in Crete to appoint elders. Like in other books, Paul lists the requirements of elders. The list is quite long and I doubt I tick all the boxes (yet).

This chapter also talks about rebuking and silencing those who talk dishonestly. Verse 15 tells us, “To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure.” This is quite confusing, so I used my new subscription to Biblegateway.com to look at their study tools. It is referring to the idea that certain things are pure/impure. But because we have been sanctified by Jesus, these ideas no longer apply to us. And even what could be considered pure would be come impure by those who don’t believe, because they do not have the power of Jesus’ resurrection in them.