The plan

So, I’ve not really had a definitive plan in my recent Bible studies. I started with Galatians a while back, then stopped, then restarted again. This second attempt seems to be going a bit better, and I’ve just kept going.

The idea is to get into a daily reading habit. The important part is the reading and not the blogging. The blogging, however, has been really helpful in making me think about what I’m reading and keeping a visual record of what I’ve done.

So, I think I’ve read a chapter a day for about 17 days straight now. It’s not massive, I know, but it’s better than it had been before.

Hoping this trend carries on, I want to capitalise on quick successes. (My parents decided I should learn the piano as you can make a sound quickly, whereas my brother learnt the violin as he had the perseverance to put in the initial work needed.) So, I’ll probably focus on all shorter books first. That means I’ll read all the books that have fewer than 10 chapters. All going well, this will take me until about 10th June. I will probably read a chunk in the New Testament, then a few in the Old Testament, varying it a bit.

Then I’ll read most of them below 20 chapters in length. This will probably start with Mark, as it’s the only Gospel that fall within this bracket. Also, I’ll probably hold off on 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicle so I can read them alongside their longer partners. Once I’ve done the under-20 chapter section, then I’ll move onto the under-30s, and so on.

If I manage to carry on like this, I will have read the whole Bible by May 2023! Of course, this may change. But the idea is that I can really develop a good and long-lasting habit of reading the Bible.