Ephesians 2

In this chapter, Paul really outlines our need for grace and mercy, as well as how everyone in Christ is equal and united in one body.

Paul explains this: we were dead in our sins as we obeyed the ways of the world; all of us once gratified the desires of our flesh, and as a result we deserved punishment. But God didn’t give us punishment, instead he extended mercy. Instead of receiving death, we received life. Instead of being cast low, we have been raised up to the same level as Christ. If I’m pretty honest, it’s bonkers. The disparity between what we deserved and what we receive through Jesus is massive. It’s too huge to comprehend. We don’t need to work towards this either, we receive it freely when we believe. It’s amazing.

Paul reminds his readers that because of Christ there is no barrier between those who were Jewish and those who were gentiles. I wonder how we should apply it now. Should we apply it between different denominations: the traditional and new wave? Or perhaps between older, more refined believers and the more uncouth recently transformed drug addict? Or the Southern Baptist and the Mexican immigrant? What barriers do we put up in our churches? If Jesus died to break the barrier between heaven and earth, we need to do our best to break down the barriers between fellow believers. For we are “members of his household” and together make “a holy temple”.