Bible in One Year: Day 13

I’m still snotty and ill, but trying to persevere nonetheless. However, until this cold goes away, my reflections may be a little shorter.

The psalms seem to contain so much opposition, I feel like I must be doing something wrong. At the moment, my life seems to be pretty much opposition free. It also makes me wonder when my time for opposition will come. God has faithfully protected me from discord so far. I pray he continues to do so.

Matthew also suggests that Jesus came to stir up trouble. It tells us that Jesus didn’t come to bring peace. Again, that is somewhat alien to the prevalent image of the serene, hippy-like Jesus that is always viewed through some Gaussian blur. Jesus is a trouble-maker.

The passage also addresses our priorities. Jesus is to be above any human relationship we have. We are to bear a cross and we are to lose our life.

The Genesis passages show us the soap opera that is Isaac’s family. It is interesting how God uses even the most colourful and messed up families and people.

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