A WhatsApp story

The internet and social media can be a beautiful thing. However, with the short nature of the messages and the impersonal interface, miscommunication and frustrations abound. When you’re chatting to multiple people at once, sometimes just trying to keep track of who is saying what and deciphering some of the conversations can be enough trouble in itself. Of course, this example has been totally exaggerated and has little basis in truth.

WAConvo Dad 1

WA Dad 2

WA Convo Mum 1

Mum WA convo 2

wa dad 3

wa convo dad 4

WA mum 3

wa mum 4

wa dad 5

wa dad 6

wa mum 5

WA mother final

WA dad 7

wa final message

To give credit where credit is due, this was created using https://www.fakewhats.com/generator