Meet Sally…

You may think that 2016 was a crazy year, where the whole world as we know it got turned upside down. Well, Brexit, Trump and Leicester City have nothing on what you’re about to read.

In 2016, this happened.

If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t really know what the fuss is about. But I’m a straight-laced, middle-class, Shakespeare loving, good Protestant, English teacher goodie-goodie. I go home early at parties. I can bake cakes. I play Chopin on the piano. I even know, I’m ashamed to admit, how to knit (very badly- I learnt simply from watching my gran who often had a pair of needles in her hands). If anything, I should be joining the Women’s Institute.

But, I am now the owner of a motorbike. So, I’m here to introduce Sally.

She’s a Suzuki Viva, cc 110, 2008 model.

Before I bought her I did have a practice on a friend’s bike. The photo at the top is of my first ever riding solo experience. (I’ve been on the back of bikes a lot!) I need give Hannah and Danilo a huge thank you. They were immensely helpful in driving with me, going to the bike shop, negotiating repairs and prices.

My sister-in-law thought that I wanted to buy a motorbike because I wanted to be a “rude boy”. I told her motorbikes/scooters are the way kids get to school. I’ve seen twelve-year-old boys and sixty-year-old grannies riding bikes. I’m still being overtaken by both.

I’m not particularly confident yet, especially as within 10 seconds of purchasing my bike, I fell of it. I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to stop or go, so I tried to do both simultaneously. Apparently, physics doesn’t allow that so you end up horizontal. So there I was, in the dead middle of a busy road, prostrate on the ground, in front of the shop I had moments before taken the bike from. Not my finest moment. However, it seems to be the moments at 0-2 km/h I find the hardest so it’s unlikely I’m going to sustain serious injuries. I’ve been given the tip that starting in second gear will probably aid my unsteady starts!

But, with practice I’ll sure I’ll get better! Or I hope so. Fortunately, the driving is quite haphazard here anyway, so I can get away with a lot more here than I would in UK!