Hot season is…

…powercut season. 

I’m sat in the warm glow of my iPhone, with the insect flying at it creating a semblance of candlelit. My neighbour is playing a repetitive riff on his guitar that would not be out of place in a spaghetti western. It’s pitch black, despite only being half past seven. The heat and humidity is stifling. There is no power and I have no running water.

Fortunately, I decided to go out to buy pork mee kolah (noodles in oyster sauce with nuts). Just as they were preparing my food to take away, with that strange pop that power cuts create, we were plunged into darkness. I started up my motorbike and turned the light toward the kitchen area to give them some light. I paid 5000riel for my food and left.

As I rode back to my home, I was hopeful as the streets became progressively brighter with shop lights and eventually the street lights were shining. However, as I turned back into my street I found myself in darkness again. Obviously the main road is the end of one power zone and the start of another. I live in the wrong zone.

This is about the third powercut in a week. As the temperature rises the use of air conditioning and fans rises too putting an extra strain on the network. This means that, apparently, power outages can be relatively frequent.

I’m going to jump back on Sally and take a ride to a mall with air con and ice cream.

Siem Reap in silhouette.