Flights booked

It’s now 2017. This is the year that I return to the UK. Using the Christmas money I got, I decided to pay for my flights. So, they’re all booked. I’m leaving Cambodia.

I’m not going to lie; when I was looking at the prices, I nearly cried. A part of it was the cost. But mostly it was the thought of leaving.

But, I have to return home sometime. So, at thirty-five minutes past six, on the evening of the seventeenth of July, I will be on a plane leaving Phnom Penh. 18 hours later (minus 7 hours time difference), and I’ll be touching down at Heathrow airport.

When I was leaving, I made a timer. I’ve done the same. But it’s more to remind me of how many days I’ve got to make the most of. If you want to see how long I’ve got, then click here.

Of course I can’t wait to see everyone again but don’t expect much from me for the first few weeks. I’ll be recovering from jet lag and re-entry shock (readjusting to your own culture after adjusting to another one). Jet leg renders me a terrible mess and I anticipate being quite heartbroken about leaving Cambodia. So, I won’t be great company anyway. (Parents, it’s still okay to stay with you, right?)

Well, 185 days until I go. But, until that day comes, I’ll enjoy what Cambodia has left to offer.

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  1. Terrifying to think how time is flying so fast… do you happen to have an email, I would be able to get hold of you on? I assume you are not currently using your TSTC email? 🙂


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