Thirty thoughts from today…

Today has been a heady mix of exhaustion and caffeine. My thought processes verge on the bizarre at the best of times, but today they’ve been particularly good/terrible/concerning.

Here are a few of them.

  1. “And so it begins.”
  2. “That music is so loud the bass sounds like an approaching giant.”
  3. “I can literally feel the music in my chest. Or I’m having an aneurysm.”
  4. “So Sally, it’s the kickstart again, is it?”
  5. “I hate it when people try to help.”
  6. “Why is no one trying to help?”
  7. “That was close; I nearly died.”
  8. “His bike doesn’t start either! We’re like bad bike buddies!”
  9. “Well, this is awkward. Neither of our bikes are starting.”
  10. “That was close; I nearly died.”
  11. “I know you’re tired, and dates are always confusing in the new year, but it’s definitely not 1995.”
  12. “I wonder how many other people go home after work and wash sweets.”
  13. “A bit of food poisoning never hurt anyone.” “Thomas, that is literally what it does.”
  14. “I bet they think I’m stupid.”
  15. “He definitely thinks I’m stupid.”
  16. “Well, it was really stupid.”
  17. “Who just honked? I’m the only person on this road. Oh…”
  18. “Is 1500ml of Pepsi in one day a bit excessive? I mean, excessive is such a fluid term…”
  19. “Caffeine feels great!”
  20. “What do stomach ulcers feel like?”
  21. “That was close; I nearly died.”
  22. “I love the freedom of driving in Cambodia compared to England.”
  23. “I hate driving in Cambodia. They drive like lunatics. Just keep to your side of the road!”
  24. “Could you be any more ethnocentric?” “Er, I could be Donald Trump.”
  25. “Why did you tell her you’ve already done your homework? Now you have to definitely do your homework.”
  26. “Thomas, don’t forget how spicy that sauce is.” “Don’t worry, I can handle it.”
  27. “Wow, that’s spicy!”
  28. “Maybe if I go to bed now and get up really early I can do it then.” “How many times has that actually worked for you?” “It worked once.” “Good luck with that.”
  29. “Maybe I’m ill! Boy, I hope I am. That way I’m not just lazy.”
  30. “I don’t want to be ill! I feel like I’m dying!”

I mean we all have days like these. Don’t we?