Phnom Penh, mon armour 

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Although it has been only around eleven weeks that you have held me in your embrace, I have fallen in love with you. Phnom Penh, you have fed me, housed me, clothed me and watered me (in a variety of ways). I’ve come to know your crazy streets, your chaotic ways and the plethora of hazards you hold. But, I’ve also come to know the kindness, warmth and charm of your inhabitants. Whether it’s the teachers of LEC, the tuk tuk drivers on street 155, the waiters and waitresses of the various cafés I frequent, the members of the church I attended here, the young people at the youth group I helped at, or my fantastic Phnom Penh team, there have been so many people that have made my time here memorable.

When I left LEC, I was far more upset than I expected. I’m sure leaving Phnom Penh will be equally hard.

I’m going to be honest. When I first arrived, tired and jet-lagged, I found it difficult to like Phnom Penh. It was hot and uncomfortable and overwhelming. But soon, what was difficult became endearing. It’s now a place I’ll always have fond memories of.

So, fair well Phnom Penh. I’ll be in touch.