Message for colleagues and students!

​I know I’m going to find this coming week a bit difficult. All my colleagues return to school and so do the students. Although they will no doubt survive without me, a little bit of me hopes you miss me terribly! However, my colleagues are absolutely brilliant and it will be me that will struggle without the laughs, help and friendship they provide.

Good luck to the year 7s starting! I’ve met some of you, and you don’t seem too bad. Enjoy your time at school, respect your teachers and work hard!

And finally to my year 10 boys and media, who will be starting year 11. I have complete confidence that you will do me proud, if you do the work. You are some of the most hilarious, rewarding and brilliant people I’ve had the privilege to work with. Make sure you knuckle down and don’t get yourselves in trouble (yes, Taylor and George, I’m talking to you).

All the best with this next year. 

13 thoughts on “Message for colleagues and students!

  1. hi tashmead, everything has changed at tstc you would not even recognise it when you come back! our tutor has been split apart. I am in that miss nieto something at the moment. All the girls have been split up into different tutors. we will be back in your tutor by year 10 so don’t worry! the rooms have changed. they have added rooms by knocking walls down and splitting it etc. we all hope your doing well.


  2. Hi Mr Ashmead,
    You did morning teach me or anything but I thought you should know that everyone still calls room 23 (HE5) Mr Ashmeads room. It reminds everyone of you and I still hear people talking about how they miss you! Hope your having fun out there 🙂


  3. Hey tashmead , we all miss you at school and cant wait till you come back it looks like your having an amazing time. As owen said everything has changed and its weird to see everything else change and you not be there. Its close to christmas 🎄So have the best christmas and we cant wait to see you.


  4. I hope your having a good time Tashmead I still remember when you became my English teacher in year 8/9 and you could never keep a straight face while you were trying to tell us off hope Cambodia is exciting and your enjoying every moment! I did well in my gcse’s and I got a B in English (thanks to you) hope to see you when your back have fun Thomas the tank


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