Thomas tries… deep fried tarantula

So, a friend, Michelle, and I went to Romdeng, which is a restaurant in Phnom Peng that seems to specialise in interesting food. The soul aim was to try deep fried tarantula. Michelle had tried to eat one before but chickened out at the last minute. We were both determined. We ordered it. At least one ended up in the bushes.

So did I eat it?

First, I was surprised by how much they looked like spiders. It sounds stupid but I had seen some in Siem Reap. They were battered so more resembled deep fried stars, like some novelty chicken nugget. However, as you can see, these look very much like tarantulas.

Then it’s what they felt like. They were oily, which wasn’t great. And they felt like, well spiders. Just a great big one. I was gagging before I even managed to put it in my mouth. I gritted my teeth and breathed deeply.

I found it really chewy and there were a lot of crispy bits. I managed to swallow some, but the cricket made me hesitant. I was afraid of something get stuck in my throat again. So quite a bit did end up in a paper napkin after about five minutes of chewing. 

People keep asking what it tasted like. I think pretty much like the lime and chilli sauce and oil. Otherwise there wasn’t much flavour to them. It was the texture I remember the most.

Michelle went for munch then swallow, which may have been the better way to do it.

However, as there were three we decided that we would ‘disappear’ the third. So, it ended up in the hedge.

We did have some rather nice rice wine with it for Dutch courage/ a palate cleanser. I did comment after that, “I’m not sure if my palate needs a cleanser, more like a baptism.”

Well, at least I tried it.

6 thoughts on “Thomas tries… deep fried tarantula

  1. You’re braver than I would be! When you mentioned spiders I figured in theory I could do it but seeing them on the plate makes me think otherwise. Well done!


  2. I just posted a comment but not sure if it worked so I’ll try again!! I wish I had videod me watching that video! I haven’t laughed so much in ages I nearly wet myself, I was gagging with you & several minutes later I still feel sick! Haha! I think you need to YouTube that one – hilarious! 😊


  3. I agree with Leanne , your next video should definitely ask people to film themselves too as Xan and Pheebs just watched it with me, Xan laughed hysterically whilst Pheebs also gagged along with you. Glad you had a go…


    1. Oh, there are so many opportunities out here. In fact the next item on the menu was “Crispy buffalo jerky, crunchy crickets, creamy silkworms and pickles.”


  4. Attempt no. 2 to leave a comment. You are very brave! I get freaked out by most creatures which have more than 4 legs so I am very impressed. I think I would have either cried or shrieked like a banshee. Lol.


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