The journey goes on…

First, thanks to everyone who has been having a look at my blog! I had around 300 views on Friday, which was surprising. A special shout out to those who commented. Seeing as only 1-2% of views generate comments, it’s just good to get a bit of feedback. It’s also helpful to know who is actually reading it. So let me know who you are, out there. I know I have a few school colleagues. There are even some students (including my “top G”) So, keep commenting and letting me know you’re out there.

We’ll go back to where I left you last. Back in Taipei Airport. Where I was left for 16 hours. Now, 16 hours in an airport would not be my first choice in how I would spend a sizeable portion of my life, especially over night when everything shuts down. I must have walked the arrival and departure halls about eight times. I found quite a pleasant place to rest and I was really impressed by the number of places available to charge your phones. The minutes ticked by, but eventually the 16 hours came to a close and I had to check in.

In the security queue there was another sniffing man. This is perhaps where culture shock started. In South East Asia, bodily emissions are considered rude, therefore it is more polite to sniff than it is to blow your nose. This is something I encountered in Japan  and Indonesia, but here I only encountered discrete sniffing. I’m not sure loud sniffing is culturally acceptable, but is probably considered the same way that someone loudly and constantly blowing their nose is in the UK. However, it seems, if I have to queue, someone has to sniff (maybe I’m an allergen).

But I managed to board my final flight successfully. We had barely taken off and it time for another airplane meal. We were given two options, which as far as I could make out (due to altitude deafness and the thick accent of the air stewardess) were: “Sauce and legs or blah blah and noodles.” I asked her to repeat the options; the reply was no more discernible. So I hesitantly asked for the first one. Apparently “legs” are apparently more appealing than “blah blah” (better the devil you know, eh?). It turned out to be sausage and eggs, which seemed quite obvious in hindsight. I think the other option was chicken and noodles.

After a rather tasty breakfast, I thought I would try to settle down to try to get some sleep. This wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, because the couple on the other side of the aisle began to argue. They were very unhappy with one another, and the woman seemed particularly vehement in her attack. However, they soon settled into a steely silence. At least I could get some sleep, even if they were now irreconcilable. This, unfortunately, was wishful thinking. It must have been the stress of the situation because the man started burping (I would had put it down to chicken and noodles, but he hadn’t eaten anything). These weren’t burps, these were belches that would even put some of my disreputable family members to shame. Everytime I would nod off, he would belch and I would awake annoyed.

Apparently, slumber did finally take hold, and it refused to release its grasp. Even as we touched down I was still in that fitful state of trying to wake up but not quite managing. Eventually, I roused myself and managed to grab my stuff and walk out into Cambodia. I had finally arrived! And so the real adventure begins.​​

12 thoughts on “The journey goes on…

  1. You are doing well. Never had any opportunities like that on my day. You go for it and be encouraged. Wish I was young enough to do it. Fascinating. Thanks.


    1. It is pretty funny! Generally, the food situation hasn’t been too bad (although, keep up-to-date with my ‘Thomas tries’… posts.


  2. I like the fact you ate airline food that could have been anything because you are so typically English you were too polite to ask again…


    1. I’ve been discovering how stereotypically British I actually am. I’m hoping a year in Cambodia might knock some of it out of me.


    1. I’m having a really good time, thanks! Hope you’re enjoying your summer holiday. There’s going to be few more posts the next few days so watch this space!


  3. Were you possibly referring to this disreputable family member? Hahahah!! If it had been me I would have joined in, after all, if you can’t beat them join them! I would have thought after your sausage & eggs you could have given as good as you got from the other end?? 😜


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