Final countdown

It 24 days until I go. I am now incredibly stressed. This is not because I will be in a foreign country where there are a ridiculous amount of unknown variables (like where will I be living? etc.). That I don’t mind. In fact, I’m looking forward to the next 24 days being over. At least the plane journey will be relaxing. What is stressing me out is the demand of life in the UK. I have to get loads of things sorted for my job (3 work experience visits, 1 school trip, write 2 schemes of work) and I’ve filled out my weekends with a ridiculous amount of things. I’ve got friends visiting, BBQs, picnics, family things. In the meantime, I’m also moving to a foreign country. (In case I haven’t mentioned it.)

It hasn’t been a leisurely, calm end to this stage that I imagined. Yes, a lot of it is really, really good stuff, but it’s also exhausting. Being an introvert with hosting anxiety (everything needs to be perfect), it’s also incredibly stressful. To make problems worst, my body deals with stress by becoming incredibly lethargic and shutting down. I also tend to get poorly.

I don’t want to end this time is a disorganised mess and leave a trail of destruction that others have to sort. That’d be wrong. But I also feel like I’m under extreme pressure due to the various expectations that others have on me. I doesn’t help that I say “yes” to everything.

However, I have just finished making twelve bottles of apple wine to lubricate the process. So, I may be incredibly busy, and I need to get a lot sorted, but at least I’ll be happily tipsy for most of it. (Just to clarify, I don’t drink in excess, before you’re worried…)

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